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Just a few quick things August 10, 2011

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I need to catch up on a few of our summer activities, but I will have to do that in another post.  A few funny things Charlie is saying lately…

“We got for these” = We forgot these

“Dumbaroo” = Dumbo (combined with Despereaux)

“Funney-O Cake” = Funnel Cake

“Alligator” = Alligator or Elevator

Just a few of the things she mixes up.  I correct her sometimes, but sometimes I just smile.  These things won’t last forever.  Tonight we start dance class.  Charlie (and mommy) is VERY excited.  She is taking tap, ballet, and tumble.  She is most excited for ballet.  Here is a picture of her trying on her outfit.



 The other thing on her mind lately is her birthday party.  She is so excited for her Dora party.  I can’t believe she’ll be 3 in a little over a month.  Time really flies!  I hope to post more soon about our trips this summer, but I wanted to get these thoughts down before I “got-for” them!




Beach May 30, 2011

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In May we were lucky enough to get away for a long weekend to the beach.  Chuck won’t be able to go in August with us, so we wanted to get a trip in with all of us.  Charlie loved the beach, the pool, the lazy river, and anything else associated with the beach.  Thanks Pop and Gran Jackie for having us!

Loving the pool!Jumping Waves


Building sand castles with Daddy Lazy River


Spring Time April 26, 2011

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We have had lots of fun this Spring, and I even managed to get a few pics.  Charlie is growing like a weed, and as I said earlier talks non-stop!  Enjoy a few pics from the season.  They go in reverse order because the site was messing up.

Daddy and Charlie on Easter


Playing with stuff from the Easter Bunny


Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt - Charlie is excited, because it is another party!


Dying Easter Eggs

Daddy and Charlie at Come See Me



An update April 13, 2011

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We must have been really busy since Christmas, since I haven’t updated the blog.  I haven’t been taking pictures as much, and I feel like pictures say it better than I do.  But no excuses!  A recap, and sorry if it jumps around a bit.

Christmas was a lot of fun with Charlie.  Of course Santa brought her Dora House, and she still loves it.  Since Christmas it has been trips to the beach, a cruise for Mom and Dad without Charlie (sooo worth it), weekend and day trips to play with friends and family, and lots of time talking.  Now my parents told me I talked a lot, but I couldn’t have been able to out do Charlie.  Chuck rubs her jaws to see if they hurt most nights.  She sings, read books, asks questions, and just talks, and talks, and talks.  And it makes her even prouder if she has an audience.  The other day she told me she had alphabets on her shirt. I responded with, “Yes, you do! Do you know what they say?”  Thinking in my head, Yeah! She is excited about letters and ABC’s.  She promptly responded with, “Diva!”  Just so you know, the shirt did not say Diva, but it would have been very fitting if it had.

We are starting to hit a little bit of the terrible 2’s as people call it.  She really likes to tell us no when we ask her to do something. I think she is trying to tease us when she says it most of the time, but she is definitely trying to figure out where her boundaries are.  I am glad she is independent, but sometimes her independence is a little much for me!  We’ll get through it.  Everyone does, but I do hope we get through it sooner rather than later.

The other thing which has been a big part of our lives lately is close friends getting ready to become big brothers and big sisters (not Charlie for those of you wondering).  2 of my close friends are/were expecting, and both have children 3 months older than Charlie. Sweet Vivian arrived early Monday morning to join Bobby, Jennifer, and Wynnie’s family.  She is just as precious as all sweet babes, and I know Wynnie will be a wonderful big sister.  Congrats are definitely in order to Bobby and Jennifer for their perfect girls! My other friend Alissa is still waiting on her new little girl to arrive, and by waiting I mean any day/minute now.  So soon enough Charlie will have another new baby to “not touch and just look at.”  I know Charlie would be gentle, but as my favorite little petri dish/germ breeder I think she should keep her hands away from the new babes.

And most recently we have been enjoying the Come See Me Festival activities.  Rock Hill has a wonderful almost 2 week long festival each year around Easter.  Chuck and I sold tickets at Beach Bash, and we took Charlie to the library tonight for some kiddie crafts.  Friday night Chuck will be a part of Team SwineOMite in the BBQ cook-off.  There is an Anything But Pork competition on Friday, and the BBQ judging is on Saturday.  We are looking forward to joining the festivities this weekend.  After the BBQ judging on Saturday, we will end the day with the tail gating and Fireworks which ends the festival.  Keep your fingers crossed they win their competition.  I know the food is good enough to win, and I feel certain they will at least make the top ten! 🙂

That is all for now.  I will try to post pics soon.  Maybe I will get it together enough to get some this weekend, but who knows!


Holiday Season December 17, 2010

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A few pics from the season for you to enjoy!

Frosty the Snowman

A Christmas Story anyone? Rock Hill Christmas Parade 2010

Charlie and part of her friend Gaines - Mommy needs to work on her photo skills

Charlie and her Dora ornament

Charlie and her new BFF

Pop, Gran Jackie, and the grandkids

Merry Christmas from the Family!


“I not sit on Santa’s lap.” But she did! December 15, 2010

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A few weeks ago, I read somewhere if you want your child to sit on Santa’s lap without screaming, you should prepare them.  Talk to them about it, let them know how it would all go down.  About a week or so ago, I started talking to Charlie about going to lunch with my family and Santa.  I said McRae and Wilson will sit on Santa’s lap, and then you can sit on his lap and tell him what you want.  The quick response was, “Mommy, I not sit on Santa’s lap.”  And so Chuck and I heard this same sentence many times over the next week.  Friday evening, we went to see the Christmas lights, and we saw Santa while we were out.  I rolled down the window, so Charlie could talk to him.  She just looked at him with fright, and when we rolled up the window she said, “Dora House.”  Which is what she wants Santa to bring her.  The response then was, “I not sit on Santa’s lap, I lay head on Mommy’s shoulder.  I lay head on Daddy’s shoulder.”  This is what Charlie does when she is scared of something. She snuggles in on Mommy or Daddy’s shoulder.  I then realized, although I had prepared this little girl for the entire Santa experience, Charlie was not going to sit on Santa’s lap.  And you know what, I was OK with that.  She told me, so I knew how it was going to go down.

Well, she had a big surprise for us – she LOVED Santa.  She even talked to him more than once.  Luckily Pop captured the first visit on camera, so you can all see as well.  Charlie has been pretty good this year, so I hope Santa brings her the Dora House she is so diligently asked for daily. 🙂


Jesus Loves Me December 5, 2010

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Singing has become a new favorite past time for Charlie.  It is a beautiful sound – loud, off-key, and not always the right words.  She has had Jesus Loves Me sung to her since she was first born.  I suppose she finally learned the words – well most of them anyway!